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You can't practice good hygiene with a broken dryer. Well, you can, but it would definitely be a major pain to do so. However, a dryer repair isn't the easiest thing to handle; dryer problems are usually a result of internal issues, not easily addressed by the weekend warrior handyman. This is why you should leave any dryer repair job in the hands of a professional appliance repair technician.

The Cicero IL area is home to a number of appliance repair companies. We are one of the many Cicero dryer repair services. However, we have proven ourselves as a leading provider of dryer repair in Cicero IL after serving the area for so many years. After all, our team of qualified repair technicians have years of experience dealing with appliance repair issues.

We go the extra mile to make sure our dryer repair services make it to you as early as possible. Our technician will visit your Cicero IL home to assess the dryer problem and write out an estimate for the repair, including the cost for any replacement dryer parts and the required labor. Hire us on the spot and if we don't have the right dryer parts on hand, we will quickly go out and get the necessary dryer parts in Cicero IL and come back to finish the job.

Our company provides appliance repair services to homeowners, business owners, and more. We work with both residential and commercial appliances. Our highly trained technicians will replace any damaged dryer parts to complete your repair, or complete maintenance work if you just need the machine serviced. If you are in need of a dryer repair in Cicero IL, don't hesitate to give us a call. We know you will be happy you chose us for your repair job!

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How much do people spend to power their dryer each year? On average, it is reported that $196 is spent every year on electricity for an average residential dryer. This number comes from factoring 7.5 loads every week at a rate of 15 cents per kilowatt hour. Many choose to hang their clothes on a clothesline during the summer months. This may cut back the cost of electricity for the dryer by a little more than half. Of course, this depends on the weather and your yard space.


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